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4G timetable agreed by UK mobile network operators

The UK’s mobile operators have agreed a new timetable for the roll-out of 4G services.

At a meeting with communications regulator Ofcom and the government, rival operators agreed to settle their differences and get services up and running quickly.

The government said high-speed data services should launch by spring 2013, six months earlier than planned.

News Source BBC News

Full story Here


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UK Authorities Approve Vodafone and O2 Merge

Surviving the fierce competition in telecommunication is no easy feat. Companies usually have to look outside their offices in order to survive or else the bigger company would swallow them in an instant. The case of looking outside in order to survive is especially true for Vodafone and O2. Although they are still considered telecommunications giants in UK, they are facing fierce competition with Everything, Everywhere.  The first 4G network in UK, Everything, Everywhere or EE is also a product of a recent merger. Orange and T-Mobile teamed up to offer the fastest mobile internet in UK.

The merger of Vodafone and O2 allows them to pool their resources together in order to establish faster mobile internet and data transfer in UK. The biggest challenge for these companies is not just to establish 4G in UK so that they would attract customers. These companies are also tasked by the UK government to comply with the LTE connection requirements by 2017. Pooling their resources will help these companies beat the deadline as they promised to offer 98 percent coverage of 4G connectivity by 2015. It’s an ambitious project but can be done only when companies work together.

O2 and Vodafone will create a company called CTI. The company’s main task is to set-up the much needed infrastructure in order to implement 4G in UK faster. They are tasked to complete the hardware requirements for O2 and Vodafone which should be faster compared to separate implementation. Because of the merger, O2 and Vodafone will have to share the same network which allows them to save money on hardware installation and quickly implement 4G in major markets in UK.

The main advantage of O2 and Vodafone’s merger is the fact that their merger is limited to hardware installation and network use of 4G networks. Everything else stays the same which means these companies are still competing with each other although they are sharing the same installed networks in UK. Compared to T-Mobile and Orange, O2 and Vodafone will continue to work as a separate entity. The creation of Everything, Everywhere has left many customers of T-Mobile and Orange scratching their heads on what to do with their existing accounts especially when there are new offers in the market with 4G data transfer speed.

Aside from the fact that O2 and Vodafone will continue to work separately, consumers in UK will ultimately enjoy the advantage of competition. Promising faster data transfer speed means better mobile internet for everyone.

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UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development releases first global broadband report










The State of Broadband 2012: Achieving Digital Inclusion for All report evaluates the roll-out of broadband around the world and tracks progress towards achieving the four advocacy targets set by the Commission in 2011 for boosting broadband affordability and uptake.

It provides country rankings across up to 177 economies on economic impact, penetration, national broadband policy, and connecting people and dwellings.

The report was released at the sixth meeting of the Commission, which was held today in New York to coincide with the 67th session of the UN General Assembly. It was welcomed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who called broadband a “transformative technology that has the potential to spark advances across all three pillars of sustainable development: economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.”

Download a copy of the report Here 

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iPhone 5 LTE support to favour Everything Everywhere and Three

iPhone 5 has some UK LTE Bands – Good news for Everything Everywhere and Three but bad news of the remaining operators

Apple’s iPhone 5 is official, initially bringing its 4G connectivity to nine countries on September 21. In the UK, mobile operator EE has already called a 4G exclusive on the device, but it appears that its rival operators — Vodafone and O2 — won’t be able to offer the LTE support on their yet-to-exist 4G networks, even if they wanted to.

In the ‘Tech Specs’ section on the Apple website, Apple lists the cellular and wireless capabilities of its GSM and CDMA iPhone models, listing not only their 3G connectivity but the 4G bands that they will operate on in different markets.

In terms of LTE bands, variants of the GSM and CDMA iPhone 5 support LTE bands 1, 3, 4, 5, 13 , 17 and 25. Each model supports a different number of LTE bands (as shown below):

Screen Shot 2012 09 12 at 21.00.43 520x147 The iPhone 5s limited UK 4G LTE support set to freeze out Vodafone and O2

EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) supports the 1800 MHz frequency, which is classified as Band 3. Switching on its service yesterday in four cities – London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham — the carrier will be able to sell the iPhone 5 model A1429 and have it connect to its networks in the coming days, offering it in 16 cities by the end of the year.

While its rivals Vodafone and O2 will stock the device, they will be limited to offering it on 3G networks. It was believed that they would have to wait until Ofcom officially begins the auction process in ‘early 2013,’ when they would be able to bid on their own 4G bands and eventually allow the iPhone 5 to connect to their new LTE networks.

Except Ofcom won’t be auctioning of the bands that the iPhone 5 supports.

Ofcom will says it will “offer at least two spectrum bands.” They will include the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands; the lower frequency 800 MHz band will offer more widespread mobile coverage while the 2.6 GHz band will be able to feature increased capacity to enable faster data speeds.

The 800MHz frequency is Band 20 and 2.6GHz frequency is Band 7. If you refer to Apple’s chart above, neither band is listed on any of the three iPhone 5 models.

The fourth UK operator — Three — won’t be able to compete until the end of 2013, when it gets the spectrum they bought from EE. EE had to sell off some of its 1800MHz spectrum to the company to fulfil its regulatory requirements. When Ofcom cleared EE’s application to launch its LTE networks (which are derived from its older 2G frequencies) early, EE was forced to play ball and offload some of its spectrum to Three.

It’s an even bigger kicker for Vodafone and O2, particularly because Apple’s lack of LTE support affects its operations in Europe too. Both carriers have LTE networks in Germany, but only Deutsche Telekom (owner of T-Mobile and part of EE’s networks in the UK) will be able to offer 4G connectivity.

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BT to Raise Prices on Phone and Broadband in January








BBC Article here


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Apple Special Event on 12th September to launch long awaited iPhone5

Analysts now expect the iPhone 5 release date to be the biggest product launch in the company’s history. As for Apple CEO Tim Cook, it is the day on which he has to prove himself. On Wednesday, Apple is highly expected to announce the iPhone 5 release date. It is also expected that Apple will present other product updates. Here is an overview of what else Apple could introduce.

New iPods are very likely

If the iPod didn’t become a bestseller, Apple would not be in its present form today. However, the iPhone and iPad have made the iPod touch somewhat obsolete. Essentially, the iPod touch is an iPhone without the calling feature.

iOS 6

Apple’s mobile operating system comes with a lot of useful features. The beta version is always available at an early stage, therefore the new features are well known early. One of the most important new features: Apple has opted for maps from TomTom offering a 3D view for selected cities and they separated from Google. In addition, using the in-house app Passbook, Apple wants to simplify mobile payments. There is still not a fixed date for the launch of iOS 6, however,a launch in conjunction with the new iPhone is expected.

Still no iPad Mini?

There is strong evidence that Apple will leave the smaller brother of its popular tablet in the drawers. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, as well as Reuters consistently report that Apple is working on a 7-inch iPad Mini. However, there is still disagreement as to what date Apple will bring it on the market. The Taiwanese media recently reported that suppliers had begun production of components for the iPad’s little brother. Expect a separate October launch event for this

New iMacs

According to analysts, Apple has issued money like never before for parts, specifically, $1.15 billion in recent months. So we can assume that Apple will renew several product lines this year. For some time, a retina version of the iMac has been in conversation. It is expected to be similar to the Macbook Pro with retina display. However, interested parties may want to get prepared for a steep price increase for the HD model.

One thing is for sure the whole technology worlds eyes will be on the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts tomorrow.

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So What is 4G


I found an excellent Blog by SimplyFone which is worth a read for the uninitiated.

Additionally worth noting that 4G specification covers only Data path, it doesn’t not carry a traditional speech path so the 4G equipment needs a traditional 2G/3G network  for voice calling.

thanks to an agreement by the Government to allow reuse of existing spectrum (the 4G spectrum cautions for all operators will not start until late 2013 (having already been postponed more than once) Everything Everywhere (rebranding as EE) will start deploying 4G this year and aims to have 16 Cities enabled by Christmas

see this article

UK lags a way behind Global roll out rates with many countried already well into roll out plans


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European Commission sees no threat to competition from O2, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere tie-up

European Union regulators Wednesday gave their unconditional approval to Vodafone Group PLC, Telefonica SA and Everything Everywhere’s plans to create a mobile commerce platform in the U.K.

The European Commission, which acts as the EU’s antitrust watchdog, said it saw no saw competition threat arising from the joint venture, which will provide various mobile commerce services to businesses, including mobile payment transaction services and mobile marketing services.

“Mobile commerce is a nascent sector that may radically change the consumer buying experience in the next few years. The proposed joint venture is one of several initiatives to develop the sector in Europe,” European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in a statement.

Everything Everywhere is a joint venture between France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom AG.

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